The SkiAbility Ottawa Program:

The regular program operates weekends during July and August. It provides each skier with a   [ Another Skier ] one-half hour session - off and on the water. Additional clinc days are added as required.

Training for skiers on a competitive track is usually organized for weekdays.

Anyone can ski!

Participants, with a disability, may sign up for one or more program sessions on a first come first serve basis. Sessions start at 8:30 am and end at 4 pm. More details on the Participation page.

We expect to be running one or two tow boats in the mornings depending on skier registrations -- providing up to 18 skier sessions per day after allowing for breaks and lunch.

Our trained & certified instructors are qualified to teach sit-skiing, stand-up skiing, wakeboarding, and barefoot skiing.

All skiing equipment is provided including ski vests. You may bring your favorite ski vest/PFD if you wish. Wetsuits are not provided but you are welcome to bring one if you have one. Sit-skiers may choose to bring a suitable pair of swim googles as some side spray is normal.

We need volunteers!  The program is volunteer driven.  Shifts are half or whole day. See the Volunteers page for more information.

The program schedule is available here .

Program Location:The dockmaster keeping an eye on things!

Program days and other events will be at W.A. Taylor Park unless otherwise stated.
See Site info for directions.



  • Participants $20/year.  First time participants may ski one session before paying a membership in order to assess the program.
  • Volunteers: No charge.

Session fees:

Single session fees are $35 for youth (18 and under) and $40 for adults (19 and over).

Sessions booked and paid prior a participant's first session, ensure session priority.  

While we reserve the right to change fees charged at any time, fees have remained stable for many years.


In the event that the participant cannot keep his/her scheduled session time it may be cancelled or changed, without penalty, up to 24 hours before the session. After that time payment will be owed or, if already paid, forfeited 

In the event that a session must be cancelled due to weather or mechanical problems, we will do our best to find a suitable make-up session. If a make up time cannot be arranged a refund will be considered.

Unused pre-paid sessions will be refunded at the end of the season